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May 30, 2017

Artem Frolov (Integra Group) is recognized as one of the best engineers of directional drilling in Russia

The Second All-Russian Youth Professional Skill Competition The Best Engineer of Directional Drilling was held in Ufa supported by the Integra Group. The competition was attended by more than 30 representatives of about twenty large Russian and foreign companies dealing with oilfield service with a geographic location from Samara to Siberia and the Far North of Russia. The engineers passed two stages of the competition: theoretical tests and practical tasks on a virtual simulator of directional drilling. The participation of the Integra Group in the Ufa State Oil Technical University projects has become a positive experience of training our young specialists and assessing their professional capabilities.

“I got a question about the bottom-hole assembly – I had to explain step by step the specifics and tricks of the bottom-hole assembly. I constantly encounter this in my work, therefore, I think I have definitely coped with the task. I liked the simulator very much - it is as close as possible to the real conditions of drilling, and on completion gives about eight criteria of quality of work performed. So, this competition allows us not only to assess our knowledge, but also motivates to further development of professional skills,” shared his views of the event Artem Frolov, silver prizewinner of the competition, engineer of directional drilling at Smith Siberian Services LLC.

The record of virtual drilling during the competition was a little more than an hour, whereas in real life drillers would need at least 24 hours for such a work. Transition from vertical to horizontal and directional plane of drilling is presently a high-tech method that allows increasing oil recovery factor and opening access to oil fields lying underground where drilling of vertical wells is often impossible. Therefore, today, so much attention is paid to the technology of directional drilling and to specialists in this field.

"At present, many large fields are in the late stage of exploitation, when the development grid is close-spaced and it is necessary to pave the way for a well in a rather narrow corridor," says Lev Levinson, a juryman, Professor of Drilling Oil and Gas Wells Department, Ufa State Petroleum Technical University.  “Therefore, with no directional drilling, telemetry, control of curvature systems, this task is difficult to solve. Integra is today one of the well-known oilfield service companies in Russia, which successfully conducts directional drilling. Therefore, its participation in the competition and such a high result are quite natural.”

The Integra Group has accumulated extensive experience in directional drilling. For several years already, Smith Siberian Services LLC (part of the Integra GC) has been building production directional and horizontal wells for Samotlorneftegaz (NK Rosneft PJSC). Experts at the Samotlor field drilled more than 65 horizontal and directional wells. The experience gained in this high-tech project allowed Artem Frolov to successfully perform at the competition, which had already proved itself as an innovative platform for the popularization of modern achievements in the field of drilling technology for oil and gas wells and for sharing scientific and industrial experience among young engineers.