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Integra brochure
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March 20, 2017

The Integra Group has held the Strategic Session

The Integra Group has held the Strategic Session, during which priority ways of the company's development for the near future had been identified.  In the format of open discussion, top management, managing directors and managers of key business areas discussed fundamentally important goals and objectives, the implementation of which will strengthen the company's position in the market of oilfield services.

In his welcoming speech, Felix Lyubashevsky, President of the Integra Group, outlined strategic guidelines to focus the activities of all business units.

“The company is ready to invest in innovative projects, in new products that provide an opportunity to enter promising markets, in business units that have successful experience in implementing investment programs. The format of the strategic session will allow everyone to speak out and be heard by everyone,” said Felix Lyubashevsky.

The participants discussed the current situation in the oilfield services market and projected expectations for the next three years, challenging segments of the industry, financial and economic situation of the company, international projects and priority vectors for the development of the Integra Group.

Within two days, there were conducted sectoral studies. Simultaneously, in several halls, working groups generated decisions sensitive for the company: promising areas of development; Investment projects and structural reforms. As a result, proposals were made to create conditions for the attractive innovative climate in the company, optimize the interaction of the company units with the management company and improve business processes in the Group, some of which had been implemented during the first weeks after the Strategic Session.