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January 19, 2011

Integra Group announces current order book status for 2011

MOSCOW, January 19, 2011 – Integra Group (LSE: INTE), a leading FSU-based oilfield services provider, announces its current order book status for 2011.

As of January 17, 2011, the total order book, which includes the value of business to be delivered in 2011 contracted and won in tenders, was US$ 599.8 million (RR 18.0 billion). Of this amount, estimated value of signed contracts was US$ 388.1 million (RR 11.6 billion).

The Group is in an active stage of contracting for 2011 which implies that current order book does not yet provide an accurate indication of expected revenues in 2011.

2011 Order book (as of January 17, 2011)

FX 30RR/$ Contracts signed* Tenders won, contracts not yet signed Total order book
  US$ (m) RR (bn) US$ (m) RR (bn) US$ (m) RR (bn)
Drilling, Workover, IPM  246.0 7.4 75.8 2.3 321.8 9.7
Technology Services 26.5 0.8 91.5 2.7 118.0 3.5
Formation Evaluation 113.7 3.4 44.3 1.3 158.0 4.7
Other 2.0 0.1 - - 2.0 0.1
TOTAL  388.1 11.6 211.6 6.3 599.8 18.0

 *Signed contracts may be subject to renegotiation of volumes and/or other terms or even cancellation, and both signed contracts and tenders won may not proceed as originally planned at all.

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