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August 11, 2010

Integra and United Capital Partners close the sale of heavy rig manufacturing business in Yekaterinburg

Integra Group (LSE:INTE), a leading independent provider of onshore oilfield services, and United Capital Partners (UCP), a private equity and asset management Group, announce that the transaction for  the sale of Integra’s heavy drilling rig manufacturing business in Yekaterinburg was closed today.

The deal announced on June 4, 2010 involved the sale of a 100% stake in ZAO URBO (Yekaterinburg) by Integra to UCP for US$40 million plus reimbursement of certain transaction expenses.

About United Capital Partners (UCP):
United Capital Partners (UCP) Group of companies was founded in 2006 as an asset management platform for its clients and partners.  UCP manages a number of funds investing in fast-growing private companies and in securities of publicly traded Russian companies.  The private equity funds under UCP management use the strategy of achieving capital appreciation by investing in small and medium size companies with high growth potential.  As of 1 April 2010, UCP Group had $1.2 billion in assets under management.

About Integra Group:
Integra Group is a leading independent diversified provider of onshore oilfield services. Integra Group operates in the drilling, workover, seismic and geophysics sectors, provides integrated project management services and manufactures oilfield services equipment. Integra has oilfield services operations in all major oil and gas producing regions in Russia and in many other CIS countries. The company’s customer base includes major Russian and international oil and gas companies operating in Russia and CIS.
Established in March 2004, Integra Group has, through 17 strategic acquisitions, become one of the leading companies in the oilfield services and equipment manufacturing sectors of the Russian market and employs more than 17 000 people.
Since February 27, 2007 Integra Group has been traded on the London Stock Exchange (symbol: INTE).
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Integra Group  
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United Capital Partners Advisory OOO 
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Tel. +7 495  643 1100

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