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September 15, 2008

Integra Group to conduct seismic surveys in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District for SeverEnergia

Yamalgeophysika (a subsidiary of Integra Group [LSE:INTE]) has won a tender to conduct 3D seismic surveys in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAO) for the subsidiaries of SeverEnergia, a Russian venture of Italy’s Eni and Enel.

Yamalgeophysika and subsidiaries of SeverEnergia* signed four contracts to survey the following license areas:
Samburgsky (400 sq. km);

Yevo-Yahinsky (300 sq. km);

Severo-Chaselsky (400 sq. km);

Yaro-Yakhinsky (400 sq. km).

The above work is to be completed during the 2008-2009 seismic season. 
Integra Group has had two years previous experience of working with SeverEnergia in Russia. During 2007-2008 seismic season, Yamalgeophysika already conducted seismic survey for SeverEnergia in the Samburgsky license area in YNAO.

Grigory Bystritsky, Chief Geophysicist of Integra Group, commented:

“We possess top line equipment and technology which allows us to comply with stricter environmental legislation for geological exploration. This technology enables us to execute our seismic projects with high productivity levels and satisfy our Customer’s growing requirements for the quality of geophysical data. In particular, we plan to use new seismic vibrators produced by Input/Output (USA) which significantly enhance our capability to operate in exclusive and especially protected territories with minimal impact on the environment“.

Note for editors:

* The contracts were signed with Arktikgaz, Urengoil Inc. and Neftegastechnologia for their respective license areas. Each of these companies is 100%-owned by SeverEnergia which in turn is controlled by Eni (60% stake) and Enel (40% stake). SeverEnergia is the managing company for the above-mentioned subsidiaries.
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Integra Group operates in the drilling, workover, seismic and geophysics sectors and manufactures oilfield services equipment.  Integra has oilfield services operations in all major oil and gas producing regions in Russia and in many other CIS countries. The company’s customer base includes major Russian and international oil and gas companies operating in Russia and CIS.

Established in March 2004, Integra Group has, through 17 strategic acquisitions, become one of the leading companies in the oilfield services and equipment manufacturing sectors of the Russian market and employs over 23 000 people.

Since February 27, 2007 Integra Group has been traded on the London Stock Exchange (symbol: INTE).



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