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Integra brochure
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November 09, 2006

Integra Group announces the acquisition of PBN-Group LLC

Integra Group, one of Russia’s leading diversified oilfield services companies, announces the completion of its acquisition of PBN-Group LLC («Prikaspiyburneft» or «PBN Group»), a group of drilling companies with operations in Russia and Central Asia. PBN Group comprises, among others, the following companies with operations in various regions of Russia and Central Asia: - Prikaspiyburneft OJSC (Volgograd);- Prikaspiyburneft–Irkutsk LLC;- Prikaspiyburneft-Kazakhstan LLP;- Prikaspiyburneft-Kovykta LLC.PBN Group operates drilling rigs that are used for a wide range of applications including drilling of parametric, exploratory, and production wells, as well as for horizontal drilling and deep drilling of up to 7,000 metres.
Commenting on the deal, Felix Lyubashevsky, Integra President, said:  «The acquisition of Prikaspiyburneft will enable us to offer our services in new regions – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and East Siberia. It will also further expand our drilling services block.
Prikaspiyburneft’s experienced staff and state of the art technologies, combined with their track record of operating in difficult drilling conditions, will add real value to the Integra Group, in line with the Company’s strategy».
Note to editors on Prikaspiyburneft Group of Companies:
PBN Group was created on the basis of Prikaspiyburneft, a state enterprise founded in 1986 on the basis of Archedinskiy, Volgogradskiy, and Kamyshinskiy drilling departments and subsequently transformed into OJSC after privatisation.
Currently, PBN Group renders drilling and workover services both in Russia (Volgograd, Orenburg, Irkutsk regions, the Republic of Kalmykiya) and outside the country – in Kazakhstan. Prikaspiyburneft has recently completed development of Kyryk-Myltyk oilfield in Kazakhstan.With the building of exploratory and operational wells in hard geological conditions of Prikaspiyskaya cavern in 1990s, Prikaspiyburneft has significantly expanded its range of drilling services. In particular, PBN Group has implemented a number of contracts in West Siberia (Kalchinskoye and Salymskoye oilfields).  Note to editors:
Integra is a leading Russian independent diversified oilfield services company. Integra operates in the following sectors - drilling, workover, seismic and geophysics and manufactures oilfield services equipment. Integra is present in all major oil and gas producing regions in Russia and in many regions of the CIS. The company’s customer base includes Russian and international oil and gas majors operating in Russia.
Established in 2004, Integra has consolidated over 40 oilfield services and oilfield equipment manufacturing companies serving the Russian oil and gas sector. Integra employs approximately 17,600 people.
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