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Integra brochure
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November 24, 2005

Uralmash 600DER Commissioning

Uralmash 600 DER is a conceptually new thyristor-drive rotary drilling rig that can drill exploratory and production oil and gas wells to the nominal depth of 8000 m. The rig’s strengths lie within both high availability and ease of assembly.The commissioning ceremony marks the completion of  the  main phase of drilling rigs delivery and commissioning. Further plans include spare parts supply and provision of technical service. The customer will be represented  by Minister of petroleum and mineral resources Ibrahim Haddad,  SPC General Manager D.Eng. Ahmad Maulla and other top level officials.
The deal that is worth approximately $43 mln amounted to more than 20% of the Russian-Syrian trade turnover in 2004. The cooperation between Uralmash-Drilling Equipment and Syrian drilling companies dates back to 1985, when delivery of two Uralmash 4000 DGU-T took place.  Then for quite a while, Russia provided Syria only with spare parts. In 2003, in a highly competitive bidding process with such world leaders as  National-Oilwell (USA) and Soilmec (Italy), Uralmash-Drilling Equipment won a tender to supply 4 heavy-duty drilling rigs to Syrian Petroleum Company. The rigs were manufactured within 11 months, and were delivered to Syria in late 2004. The first of the delivered rigs commenced drilling in Rumelan field (Syria) in July 2005.