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Integra brochure
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November 21, 2016

Experts of the Integra Group have conducted bench tests of the iDrill automated drilling system, which is exclusive to Russia

iDrill is an innovative solution of the Integra Group of Companies, which has no equals in Russia. This is a kind of autopilot for drilling. The tests were held with participation of customers - representatives of oil companies – Varioganneftegaz PJSC (NK Rosneft PJSC) and Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OJSC. The capabilities of the new technology were demonstrated to the customers on a drilling unit model at a scale of 1:10, where the process of well drilling using the iDrill system is simulated with sufficient accuracy.

"Russian innovations for the oil industry are in great demand," noted Dmitry Bryukhov, Deputy Managing Director for Oilfield Services at Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OJSC. "Because any drillman, any oilman is interested in the opportunity to drill quickly, efficiently and at less cost. And to achieve this, it is necessary to shorten the drilling cycle. The new solution of Integra allows one to do this. If a positive result is obtained during the pilot production, the technology shall be applied on a full-time basis. "

After successfully conducted pilot tests, the automated system will effectively control the well path at directional drilling, improve the performance of the downhole drilling motor, reduce costs and shorten the drilling time and, most importantly, minimize the human error in the accident rate. High safety standards will be achieved due to the fact that the system automatically supports the specified drilling parameters, the required speed and pressure range.

"This is the future of drilling," says Anton Granov, Chief drilling specialist of well engineering and construction department at Integra Management LLC. "I'm more than confident that the entire drilling industry will soon switch to automated systems. Because it is convenient and safe. Today Integra is the first among Russian producers to enter the market with this service. And in the long term, we will develop five new projects on the iDrill platform, three of which have no analogues in the world. "

Four enterprises of the Integra Group - VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument LLC, Geofizservice LLC, Integra-Burenie LLC and Integra Management LLC have been elaborating the development over the course of the year. The distinctive algorithm, the interface with maximum functionality and own production gives an advantage of domestic technology over foreign analogues. This project is important for the industry, its implementation will allow Russian companies to achieve import substitution in drilling and well servicing.

“iDrill cannot get tired and cannot lose accuracy, whereas a person can reduce concentration and attentive behavior,” said Vladimir Molodilo, the developer of the system algorithm, Chief technologist of the drilling engineering department at VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument LLC. “Drilling automation can improve the process, optimize the rate of drilling and consistently maintain high quality of drilling.”

In the near future, the Integra Group will begin pilot production tests at the operating well of the Samotlor field (Samotlorneftegaz JSC, NK Rosneft PJSC). The first pilot well program is planned for the production string section. Then the iDrill system will pass the test when drilling the well at all stages of construction: from scratch to the hole target. After successful pilot works, Integra will equip all the machines of Integra-Burenie LLC with the iDrill system.



The Integra Group is one of Russia's largest oilfield service companies. It was founded in March 2004. Today it consists of 8 business units (Integra-Burenie LLC, Integra-Services LLC, VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument LLC, Geofizservice LLC, Obneftekermont LLC, Orenburgtechservice LLC, SIAM Business Unit, Smith Siberian Services LLC), which employ about 6,000 people. The company's enterprises provide comprehensive services at all stages of the field life cycle - from preparation and approval of a development project to design, construction and completion of wells, increased reservoir recovery and well abandonment. The main part of orders falls on drilling and services, such as cementing and well workover, hydrodynamic and geological-field research. The geography of the Company's business stretches for more than six time zones, including the most inaccessible areas of Russia. Integra enterprises operate in all oil and gas regions of the country and are experienced to work in various oilfield projects both in Russia and abroad. The Company's customers are the largest oil and gas producing companies: Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, NK Rosneft, LUKOIL and others.