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October 26, 2016

The Integra Group has built a well at the Archinskoye field in record time

Smith Siberian Services LLC (part of the Integra Group) has completed at a record pace the construction of horizontal well No. 1224 at the Archinskoye deposit field (Gazpromneft-Vostok LLC). The specialists needed only 29 days to drill 3,924 meters deep or 7.39 days per 1,000 meters.

Every year, Smith Siberian Services builds deeper and more complex wells, while simultaneously trying to continuously improve drilling efficiency and increase the rate of drilling. The new record at well No. 1224 of the Archinskoye deposit field confirms that the company is successfully implementing its strategy for building wells of the highest quality.

"We can be proud of confident and well-coordinated work of the team that takes part in the construction of wells at the remote field," said Sergey Korolev, Head of the drilling engineering department of Gazprom Neft-Vostok LLC Drilling Directorate.  "It is of crucial importance that the team of specialists is aimed at achieving new successes."

This is the second record of horizontal wells construction in the last two months. The previous one was recorded on September 8, 2016 at well No. 1212.  A similar well 4,024 meters deep was built in 34.33 days with a record of 8.53 days per 1,000 meters.

Drillers have achieved a reduction of day/1,000 meters rate by 13.4% as compared to the best of the previous results. This was achieved by using the tools of the Technical Limit project and introduction of some organizational and technological solutions.

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Smith Siberian Services LLC (part of the Integra Group) conducts directional drilling: planning of the hole profile and bottom-hole assemblies; selection of DDM with optimal energy characteristics; optimization of drilling regimes depending on mining and geological conditions and applied drilling equipment; providing telemetric equipment with a hydraulic and electromagnetic communication channel of the following configurations: inclinometry (MWD), inclinometry + gamma (MWD + Gamma), inclinometry + gamma + resistivity survey (MWD + LWD). Logging during drilling; engineering and technological support of the whole cycle of well construction; round-the-clock real time operational and technological control over the work of field parties from a single center; well construction management. Drillbit service: selection of optimal range of bits; delivery of bits of different sizes; engineering and technical support of bits supplied. Core sampling: provision of core samplers and drill heads; fiberglass coring bit pipes with rigging; engineering and technical support of core sampling works.