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September 08, 2016

Pavlovsky Machine-Building Plant named after A.F. Myasnikov has celebrated its 200th anniversary

One of the oldest plants in Russia - Pavlovsky Machine-Building Plant named after A.F. Myasnikov (included in the Integra Group) - has celebrated its 200th anniversary. Today it's listed among the established and reliable manufacturers of oil and gas equipment. It produces drilling mud turbines, hydraulic and screw downhole motors, which are the present-day brand of Pavlovsky Plant. 

During the two centuries the plant has changed its line of business several times – in different years it had been manufacturing roofing sheets, scythes, soldier thermos flasks and mobile kitchen trailers, as well as railway and mining tools. Roofing sheets produced at Pavlovsky Plant were used during the construction of many Venetian palaces and even of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Today Pavlovsky Machine-Building Plant named after A.F. Myasnikov is the main production site of "VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument" LLC and possesses the advanced organizational structure and well-proven production technologies of oil and gas equipment.

"Pavlovsky Plant can justly be named among the key enterprises of the Russian oil and gas industry,” underlined managing director of "VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument" LLC Dmitry Khlebnikov. “For these 200 years the plant has travelled a long way together with our country and with the whole world. Heroic labour of the plant workers and of its management team has saved the enterprise during the hard times, unlikely to many other enterprises. It's exactly owing to the team that the plant today represents the first-rate machine-building enterprise equipped with up-to-date production facilities and employing skilled professionals. This lets it manufacture products able to compete favourably with world analogues”.

Many labour dynasties working at the plant, form solid foundation of its staff. Prominent dynasty of the Kamenskikh is almost of the same age as the plant celebrating the jubilee. Six generations have been working here for a total of 1214 years. The dynast - Grigory Aleksandrovich - worked at the plant back in the 19th century. His grandson Ivan Yakovlevich served here for almost 50 years and kept working as a research engineer of the Quality Control Department even after his retirement. 12 out of his 15 children have kept the dynasty. Great-great-great granddaughter of the dynast Grigory Aleksandrovich Kamenskikh - Ekaterina Dmitrienko - is the youngest successor to the dynasty for now. She's working at the plant as a finished goods warehouse keeper.


Pavlovsky Machine-Building Plant named after A.F. Myasnikov (included in the Integra Group) provides the following services: lease and servicing of oil and gas equipment, fishing and contingency operations, core sampling, manufacturing of hydraulic downhole motors (screw downhole motors and drilling mud turbines), manufacturing of pumping units and equipment for well completion, downhole tools production.