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May 18, 2015

Moscow hosted a regular stage of the 8th Spartakiad Games of the Integra Group

On May 16-17, Moscow hosted a regular stage of the 8th Spartakiad Games of the Integra Group. To participate in three sports finals - chess, billiards and table tennis - there gathered the teams of the Group enterprises: Integra Drilling (Nizhnevartovsk), VNIIBT-Drilling Tools (Kotovo), VNIIBT-Drilling Tools (Perm), Integra (Moscow), Orenburgtehservice (Buzuluk), SIAM (Tomsk), Integra-Services (Nyagan).

The first ones to take the fight were chess players. For several hours they had been making strenuous efforts to puzzle out the sophisticated combinations of the opponents, while watching the running out time of chess games on control clock. The winners in the men's and women's groups became Vladimir Cherepanov and Oksana Smirnova, the representatives of the Perm plant of VNIIBT - Drilling Tools. The chess match prize winners were awarded the company-issued medals and honorary diplomas, and the winners were also presented with the team championship cup taken to their enterprise.

Table tennis competitions, which began immediately after the chess tournament, required not only high attention focusing and lightning counter-attacks, but also physical well-being of the participants. As just in a few hours of continuous play the athletes held almost 20 meetings with competitors! The first among women was Anna Miltova from the Nizhnevartovsk affiliate of Integra Drilling, while Igor Burov from SIAM (Tomsk) was the strongest among men. The victory in the team event was won by SIAM team which got the cup and first place diploma in table tennis championship, the second place was shared by the team of the VNIIBT-Drilling Tools plant (Perm) and  the Integra Drilling affiliate (Nizhnevartovsk).

On the second day, on May 17, the Spartakiad Games participants contested the victory in billiard tournament. Probably, these competitions were the most exciting by intensity of emotions. In absolute silence and holding their breath, the fans were watching how long the athletes positioned the comfortable strike, assessed by eye the direction of cue and calculated the ball trajectory. Among men who competed in “Russian pyramid” the winner was Alexander Trubin, VNIIBT - Drilling Tools team (Perm), and among women in “Americanka” game the strongest was Elizaveta Starshinova from the Moscow team. The winners of the tournament were awarded medals and diplomas of the Integra Group Spartakiad Games and the team championship cup in billiards went to Perm with the VNIIBT - Drilling Tools team.

The two days of the competition were filled for the Games participants not only with struggle for places and titles, but also with happy talks with colleagues from other regions, discussing news and corporate events of the Company. Many athletes have been participating in the tournament every year for several years already, and they not only knew each other, but became friends, united by love for sports and active lifestyles. The Integra Group management which holds up the tradition of corporate Spartakiad Games, is doing everything for the Company employees to have the opportunity to exercise regularly and participate in such competitions.

The next stage of the Spartakiad Games will be held in June 2015 with corporate beach volleyball competition, which will take place at one of the best sports areas - Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.