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Integra brochure
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June 04, 2007
Minor Companies with their low prices for services may not solve current problems that the drillers meet
Interview with Lev Goldenberg, Vice President for Drilling and Capital Wells Repair Services [CWR] and Integra Group projects’ managing
June 01, 2007
Vladimir Kozhokar: "The Choice of the Region was Appropriate and Natural
Interview with Vladimir Kozhokar, Vice President for the Development of Integra Group to the ‘Amalgamation and Mergers’
July 04, 2006
Western companies will never dominate Russia
"I understood that the oilfield service market matured for consolidation and there was a basis for creating a big company"
June 16, 2006
To fill a niche of our own
 Vitaly Tkachev: We not only want to survive, but fill a niche of our own in the global oil and gas field machinery market
March 09, 2006
For Freedom of Drilling
Local technologies will be most preferred  by oil companies in terms of price-quality ratio, so foreigners will not occupy more than 20% of the market
February 17, 2006
The local oilfield service industry is fighting with foreign “reinforcements”
Few companies are able to provide quality services and products to oil companies
January 25, 2006
“Soaring oil prices and, hence, strong oil companies’ earnings generate a rash of investments in field development”
The Russian oilfield service industry whose collapse was foretold as recently as a year ago is reviving
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