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Integra brochure
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April 10, 2014

Human approach to human resource

Integra-Burenie affiliate in Usinsk is developing Timano-Pecherskaia oil and gas province since 1994. It is a successful company rendering services on constructing and repair of prospect wells, exploration wells, producing wells and others. Important difference of the affiliate is high professionalism of the staff, teams of the company are leading unique projects for such clients as Lukoil, Rosneft NK, Komnedra, Alians NK. We met with the Director Nikolaem Alexandrovicem Rudnitskim at the forefront of twentieth anniversary.

“Last year our team marked a significant event that is millionth meter of footage since the start of operation. The affiliate achieved such a result in record time for drilling company, and the key factors of such a success, I suppose, is personnel of our company. Our drilling crews”, tells Nikolay Rudnitsky, “in general are stable, formed over many years team. These are people with huge experience, real professionals. All of them have years of work experience in oil industry, work for years in our affiliate.”

Oil service industry develops actively, many drilling companies in their desire to survive, cut costs. Usually, in this case first of all suffer personnel. In Integra we understand that cadres are the most important thing in the company. Quality performance of complex technological operation while well drilling and repair is the main competitive advantage of the affiliate. To keep it we need only professionals to work in our company. “Striving to ensure high production performance , we are doing all to provide our workers with favorable conditions of work”, marks N.A. Rudnitsky, “ management of the company is constantly seeking for possibilities of staff additional motivation, inducement and possibility to solve any problem. For example, last year we partly engaged drilling crews to carry out additional volumes of work signing with them fixed term employment agreements. Of course, for workers it was inconvenient: not possible to take employment confirmation letter, arose difficulties while applying for visa or loan from bank. We eliminated this practice and today the major part of our crews is included in permanent staff of our company.”

In Usinsk affiliate huge attention is paid to industrial safety and operational safety. For our company value of workers’ life and health are not just words. Constant training on accident prevention, strict control of all production processes, modern equipment with automation of complex processes, constant training of the staff and purchase of quality individual protective devices, all these helps the company to keep high level of accident prevention and to take care of the staff health.

“Human attention to everyday workers’ problems is another important difference of Integra. For example, we solved all the problems concerning delivery of our crews to the working place and place of resort,” marks affiliate Director N. Rudnitsky. “A few years ago the company compensated the cost of travel only partly, but today shift workers of the affiliate travel fully by the expense of the company by scheduled flights. Unlike travelling by train it saves not only time, but manpower, instead of travelling in stuffy train for a few days. In order to have a rest waiting for the flight shift workers that left drilling pad, the company rents for them rooms in hostel. Convenience is obvious, because sometimes the flight is the next day after the termination of shift and the worker is waiting not on the station, but in the comfortable room.”

By the way, on the working shift we also follow the principle of creating of the most comfortable conditions for drillers. Modern wheelhouses, showers and drying rooms, significant food compensation (up to 80 %), supply of uniform and modern tools, all these, certainly, encourages quality work of the crews and their devotion to Usinsk affiliate.

N. Rudnitsky answers the hottest question about salary rather freely. “Salary in our affiliate is within the market average. It depends, first of all, from the fulfillment of production plan by the crew. There are bonuses for over fulfillment, we try to encourage the crews with good results. The only thing that we have to finalize is transparence and understandability of the salary for workers. There are binding to the financial results in the salary, but, unfortunately, not every driller understands financial terms such as EBITDA. Now we develop more simple formula for each worker to understand for what he gets and how salary is formed.

Integra-Burenie Company is constantly working at attracting young personnel. “We are always happy to see in our company students and young specialists, who only start working in oil service industry. Our company is ready to employ those who wants to work, and those, who needs to be on probation in our companies”, tells Director of Human Resources Management Department Damir Faherdinov. “Probation period is 3 month, sometimes we invite students immediately after its completion, if they proved to be intelligent and thoughtful specialists. We regularly have additional education for our workers, help to study work on the new equipment, to gain production and managerial skills. We have many young students, all of them have a possibility to be enlisted in cadres reserve and to build a successful career in our company.”

“Work in Usink affiliate of Integra-Burenie is not only conscientious performance of daily duties, that is something more”, tells Nikolay Rudnitsky. “Our team is very friendly, we spend time together, help veterans, go in for sport.” The affiliate has its own gym near the office, the management bought fitness equipment, equipped with showers and dressing rooms. Sport team of Usinsk affiliate takes part in annual Spartakiada of Integra Group, takes part in urban sport tournaments.

Usinsk affiliate of Integra-Burenie is not the biggest company of the region. But the company continues to record in the active every month hundreds of new meters of footage, signs new contracts on construction of new wells, signs contracts on delivery of new equipment and tools. Lack of major incidents allows the company to fulfill contract obligations timely. “What is the secret?” smiles Nikolay Rudnitsky. And answers, “In people. And in human approach to the main invaluable resource – staff of the company.”