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Integra brochure
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April 16, 2014

Honor of Integra

Integra-Burenie ltd. Nignevartovsk affiliate have rendered full complex of services on oil and gas well construction since 2006. During this period the company accumulated wide experience and formed serious technical basis. The affiliate earned a reputation of reliable contractor able to implement projects of any difficulty. Many times the crews of the affiliate were recognized as the best contractors of the companies Samotlorneftegaz, Gazpromneft-razvitie, TNK-Nignevartovsk, etc. We met with Tominets Vladimir Nikolaevich, Director of Integra Drilling affiliate in Nignevartovsk to discuss the employees, the main resource of the company.

“Highly qualified staff is the honor of any company and its main advantage”, tells Vladimir Nikolaevich. “ Especially in our industry, where the professionalism of the staff directly determines the success of construction and repair of wells, speed of work execution, its quality and absence of accidents. But it is also a huge responsibility and trouble of the director. Because it is not enough just to find and to hire the professionals. It is necessary to create appropriate working conditions, adapt and hold. So personnel matters are on the first place in my to-do list.”

Now situation with personnel matter is very difficult in oil and gas service industry. Production is developing, due to implementation of advanced technologies, faster, then education. Currently there are no specialized oil service universities in the country, and at the universities with oil service chair should be educated not only the students, but the lecturers as well. For it, also, training facilities equipped with modern facility are needed. Lack of funding is the final problem. That is why professional and experienced drillers are much appreciated and are rare on the market. Many oil service companies recruit crews from remote regions and from neighbor states. Shift workers from Belorussia, Ukrain, Tatarstan, Baskirya are coming to work on Russian fields. Often we solicit workers from near competitors. In such cases promise of the salary above-par plays the crucial role. Though, not high profitability of business and delays of work payment by the client don’t let always fulfill promises. Or high level of the salary is offset by the lack of benefits and payments.

In Niznevartovsk affiliate of Integra-Burenie personnel matters are approached with the utmost care. “We also invite drillers from different regions, we have crews from Niznevartovsk, Izevsk, Usinsk, Krasnodar, Kiev and from other cities”, tells Vladimir Nikolaevich. “We try to create them the most comfortable conditions in terms of welfare and social security. Our crews leave in comfortable modern wheelhouses, they are provided with comfortable overall, personal protection devices, quality tools. Each drilling pad has shower with hot water, special installations for laundry and drying of clothes, dining room. By the way, we compensate to workers 75% of food price, drillers are eating tasty and hearty. The company is paying to its worker travel till the work place and rest place, rotation workers are going by the train till the nearest town, and those who live far are flying with charter flights.”

According to affiliate director, the salary in the company is within the market. Drillers receive compensation for the lack of so called “northern allowance”. Once in two year additional funds till 25 000 RUB are paid for the holidays. We give them vouchers for holidays. And bonuses are paid on results of work. Exceeded the plan, receive an allowance!

The management considers lives and health of their workers to be the main value of the company. In Integra-Burenie affiliate a lot of attention in devoted to industrial safety and labor safety. Regular safety training, strict control of all workflow, modern equipment with complex processes automation, constant personnel education and purchase of quality personal protection devices, all these helps the company to maintain high level of process safety and to take care about the workers’ health.

Integra-Burenie Company is always working at attracting young staff. “We always glad to see students and young specialists in our company that only start working in oil service industry. The company is ready to take those who want to work, and those, who needs to undergo training in our facilities”, tells Director of Department of Personnel Management of Integra-Burenie Damir Faherdiniv. “Students are coming to us from Perm, Tiumen, Niznevartovsk, Samara, Moscow, to undergo the practice. Sometimes we invite students, who proved to be competent and thoughtful specialists, immediately after training to work with us. We constantly have additional education for our staff, help to master new equipment, to gain industrial and management skills. We have a lot of young specialists, all of them have a possibility to be enlisted in cadres reserve and to build a successful career within the company.”

Professional team of Niznewartovsk affiliate of Integra-Burenie is a remarkable example of wise personnel policy of the company management. By the 2014 our company came with stable backlog of business that ensures undisturbed operation for nearly 20 drilling crews, and with plans to purchase new drilling rigs. “Who is going to work on them?” smiles director of the affiliate. “The best and the most professional drillers, we don’t have others!”