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May 25, 2014

Science Dispute or Meeting of the Friends?

On 14-16 May in Tomsk took place 13th international scientific and technical conference: “Monitoring of oil and gas fields development: exploration and production”.

The name of the forum organized by SIAM Company and Neftianoe Hoziastvo Magazine explicitly tells about the theme. The conference is devoted to problems of oil and gas wells survey, modern structure of reserves and the condition of production on the old fields, peculiarity of the usage of modern technologies of operating control and monitoring of field development, usage of it-technology for collecting, storage and interpretation of received information. To discuss these questions met specialists of oil and gas producers and service companies, sectoral research institutes and scientific centers of Moscow, Ufa, Samara, Orenburg, Perm, Tyumen, Surgut, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and from other cities, and also from the countries of the near abroad.

Affinity Group

According to facilitators current conference thematically and organizationally continues previous traditions. Starting from 2002 annually the forum takes place in Tomsk sponsored by SIAM Company. Primarily the theme was rather narrow, didn’t go further well hydrodynamic research on the different stages of field development. However, as the amount of participants increased, the issues to be discussed increased covering new aspects of monitoring field development.

- Today it’s nearly all the range of questions connected with receiving of information about the layer, wells and field in general, and also with making decisions on the base of this information about further development including decision on production technology, - tells Managing Director of SIAM Company Andrey Dubov. – After all, well researches are of value only if they are applicable to practice. On the conference aspects of the field geological exploration, modeling and forecasting processes taking place in it etc. are discussed. Specialization of SIAM Company is a small part of total problems raised today.

Andrey Anatolievich admits: when 13 years ago SIAM organized first conference, among the objectives pursued were and purely pragmatic, such as promotion of its own product and services. It is not a secret, that such a platform as scientific and engineering conference is a great possibility to create an image of the company.

-Now all is different, the event has become a major forum working in the interests of all oil and gas industry, - explains Andrey Dubov.– It doesn’t influence our image any more, everybody get used that SIAM holds conference annually in May, where specialists come from all over Russia and from abroad. Today for us, as well as for the rest, the conference is a great possibility to get acquainted with the experience of colleagues, to discuss new ideas. It is not even a commercial product, cost of participation in our conference about two times lower, than in similar forums in Moscow. We included only covering of costs.

One of the main advantages of the conference, according to Andrey Dubov, is that the conference is uniting and shakes specialists of the industry, doesn’t let sink in routine of everyday life, drives to go further. Forum became not only a platform for discussion and experience exchange, but a kind of affinity group, where people gather united by common interests meeting with each other for five, ten and more years. Backstage conversations here sometimes more effective, than official reports serving only as a subject for further discussions and getting acquainted.

Established group of conference participants are Chief Geologists, Head of Departments and Research and Analytical Centers of oil and gas producing companies, R&D Institutes members and other industry Institutes, specialists of service companies, manufacturing companies of equipment for well survey, some other businesses.

It proves even the participants of the conference, representatives of such a world known companies as Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom neft, Schlumberger, Kappa Engineering, etc.

Hydrodynamics, monitoring, optimization

Main themes of the present forum are questions on production and utilization of technology for control of reservoir characteristics and well stock, problems of research data interpretation, monitoring and optimization of field development, application of IT solutions and modern software for optimization of development process. There were two workshops and round table discussion “New challenges of exploration of hard to recover reserves in regard to well testing and monitoring technologies: the reality and future vector of development”. The idea to discuss this important theme on the round table discussion belongs to the Deputy General Director of Research of ZapSibNII Federal Geology and Geophysics State Unitary Enterprise, Alexander Timchuk. The discussion was moderated by Alexandr Timchuk and the Head of Hydrodynamic Research Department BashNIPIneft ltd. There were a lot of questions and opinions, because the problem, as it is called, is painful. The participant of the round table exceeded the time limited by regulations of the discussion and decided to continue it next year.

Traditionally, large part of the reports was devoted to technologies of well hydrodynamic research and aspects of their application on the different fields. For example, Dina Koviazina, Chief Specialist of Interpretation and Analyses of Well Testing of Gazpromneft-NTC, told about system approach to planning and holding of well testing on Kuyumbinskoe oil, gas and condensate field in Krasnoiarsk Region. Chief Specialist of Tyumen Oil Scientific Centre Vasily Kim shared his experience of unconventional approaches to well interference testing data interpretation. Head of Well Testing Interpretation Department of Oilteam Research and Development Centre Alexandr Gorlach represented system of planning and well testing interpretation on oil wells on Ojginskoe field in Perm region that lets define current skin factor in difficult conditions of high gas factor, developed by the specialists of this factory. Other reporters introduced interesting scientific results.

Many inventions aroused genuine interest of the conference participants. So the specialists of SIAM Company developed system of evaluation of fluid movement profile in horizontal wells Verhnechonsk oil, gas and condensate field (Irkutsk region) on the ground of the data spread along the hole of the temperature sensor. The company member Vitaliy Karachentsev, who represented it, emphasized, that it helps solve the problems appeared while using traditional tool methods of output measure by bottom-hole device, and the problem of regularity of data collection.

On the conference were made around thirty reports, including survey report about development of Russian market of services in oil and gas sector.

Not only to observe formalities

The conference “Monitoring of development of oil and gas fields: exploration and production” is not a meeting just to observe formalities, such a serious and regular delegation doesn’t gather void events. No need to hesitate in effectiveness of the forum where annually come the best specialists of domestic hydrodynamic. All the participants tell about it.

-People come here to share experience and to gain experience from others, it is very useful, - considers Head of the Well Testing Interpretation Department Oilteam Science and Technical Centre Alexandr Gorlach.

-If you hear about some problem, and then you face this problem in your practice, it is easier for you to solve it as you don’t need to spend time on additional study. I take part in the forum for the third time and every time I learn something new.

Alexandr Kolevatov, Deputy Technical Director of Tomsk Scientific and Production and Innovation Company SIAM ltd. (part of SIAM Company) is fully agree with it taking part in the conference not for the first time:

-The conference is useful, even thirteen-year experience speaks for itself. Experience exchange between oil and gas Russian and foreign companies is very important. Here high level specialists gather to rise and solve long standing problems of the industry, and that is, certainly, brings positive results.

There are many such opinions. Besides, the benefit participants of the forum talk about is rather concrete. We often have situations, when experience submitted by one of the participants is picked up by many participants, and the next year already talk from the same tribune about received results. It was, for example, with method of deconvolution of production analyses few years ago a former Schlumberger employee told about. This technology known abroad started spreading on the Russian market…

Finally, the conference provides such a practical thing as master class on application of software product for well survey. It is pure benefit as educating event is useful for all of the participants of the forum – for quests and for organizers.

But still the main achievement of the conference, according to the organizers, is that she is integrating.

- Often people met on our forum continue their relationship in life, it is wonderful, - assured Andrey Dubov. – They call each other on working subjects, make close business and human relationships, no matter where they are in Ufa, Tyumen or Tomsk. So we become integral whole. That is good.

Dmitry Alexandrov

SIAM Company holding is one of the most dynamic and fast developing business units of Integra Group. Main activity of SIAM Company is equipment manufacturing for well survey, service rendering on oil and gas wells survey, services on chemization of technological processes of oil production and distribution, engineering services on optimization and reservoir engineering.