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Integra brochure
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December 03, 2014

Full Service

One of the problems Russian oilfield service companies face today is the need for modernization, besides, in broad sense of this word. It means not only purchase of new machines and drilling rigs, but first of all upgrade of the approaches to the services rendering.

First innovation

Without building up of modern equipment, development and exploration of new technologies and development of advanced methods of field analyses domestic service companies in an instant may become noncompetitive on the global market.

So today there are only few among native companies working on oilfield service market are the companies of so called full cycle. So the companies that engineer and produce themselves equipment and tools, provide services, have scientific research potential that lets propose to a client competent analyses of current state of the oil and gas fields.

Note, that vast majority of the foreign market leaders work this way. But such companies only begin to appear in our country.

SIAM company, that is a part of Integra Group, is one of such companies. SIAM being today one of the leaders on Russian oilfield service market started as a small research and innovation cooperative. In 1990 his founder together with his soul mates created a small company manufacturing systems on measurement and automatic control of the fields. SIAM is abbreviation of the first letters of the product name. Employees of newly formed team saw creation of first digital devices to be the main goal. A while later company had own small factory with engineering department. And after 10 years, in 2000, SIAM became first domestic innovative service company.

“Then began active development of service line of our business. Oil companies began outsource their non-core assets and we were first in Russia, who started doing hydrodynamic research as a service company existing outside the structure of the oil company”, tells Managing Director of SIAM Company Andrey Dubov. Tomskneft was the first client of SIAM.

In 2007 company has its own think tank SIAM Engineering. “One of the main competitive advantages of our company is that we cover all range of services connected with oil and gas wells survey. Three pillars that SIAM is staying at are manufacture, service division and analytic unit”, answers Andrey Dubov. “There are not a lot of companies among Russian service companies that combine it all in their operation.”

However, structure of the company is exceptional only for Russian market. Objectively, SIAM implemented effectually one of the best models of oilfield service business that is successfully and for a long time is applied abroad. Nearly all the foreign leaders of the industry sector have and scientific units, and manufacture, and think tanks.

Exclusive projects

The full range of service is by far not the one that sets apart SIAM from the competitors. The company offers the most updated high –precision self-engineered devices for their clients.

“Our product sets apart from the similar offers on the market. We managed to engineer a unique constructive proposal for seemingly standard equipment that is used in the industry sector. In particular, our devices are very simple in use, highly-reliable and work in any temperature conditions up to below 40 ̊C.   Assuming that the price for the similar device of the competitor is lower, the choice is done in favor of ours”, says Andrey Dubov.

Besides, SIAM has new exclusive developments that are ready for launching on the market. In particular, they are sensor of monitoring and sensor of telemetry system. The second device, by the way, is the only measuring equipment in Russia today, which data can be used in estimation of oil reserves. Besides, usage of this high-precision sensor lets conduct the research of the well without interruption of work that excludes losses while oil production.

Exploration of horizon

One more important task that the company working in the area of well survey facing is search of technologies that allow effectively explore horizontal wells. To clarify, the most of active old oil fields are vertical wells. It’s rather easy to explore them as relevant methods and necessary equipment are known on the market for a long. But the majority of new wells today have horizontal well completion.

“Exploration of horizontal wells is very sophisticated problem that we solve for the last five years. Till now there are no elaborated mathematical model, no fully solved tasks how to interpret data on exploration of horizontal wells”, tells Andrey Dubov. On top of that oilfield service companies need more advanced and expensive equipment for the exploration of such wells.

Today Russia has all the chances not to stay away from innovations that will be coming to the industry sector in the coming years. Besides, quite possible that Russian companies like SIAM will be the developers of the future super technologies. No wonder that SIAM Engineering, the youngest division of SIAM, has young team. The majority of employees of the analytical division of the company are the young people. Besides, management of SIAM tells not without pride, young scientists are so in demand on the market, that they are often invited to the corporate centers of the oil companies. “From one side such a demand on the market is an obvious fact of acknowledging of our employees high qualification, but from the other side it is pity to let good personnel go, so we are trying to create all the conditions for young specialists to remain in our company, because their ideas and inventions are the future not only of SIAM, but of the whole industry sector”, shares Andrey Dubov.

Today scientific researches of SIAM are recognized on the high global level. The company is a member of Oil Engineers Society, international noncommercial professional organization of technical engineers of the industry sector with a main goal of collecting and proliferating of knowledge of oil exploration and production.

Besides, since 2002 SIAM is organizing regularly global scientific and technical conference where topics of wells survey are discussed. To became participants of this conference aiming engineers not only from Russia and CIS countries, but from far-abroad countries.