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December 15, 2010

Dmitry Shulman: Partnership harmony

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Alexander  Kuts

Integra Group, which came to Tomsk region three years ago, now plans expansion of its business in Siberia. Dmitry Shulman, Integra Executive Director, told the Federal Press reporter about perspectives in the region, relations between Tomsk authorities and big business and technologies used by Integra in Siberia.

What interests bring together Integra and Tomsk region?

"This interest is mutual and it is described in details in official press-release about agreement, recently signed between our company and Tomsk region. According to the reached agreements, Integra will provide services on geologic exploration of subsurface and perform exploration works of hydrocarbon resources. Parties achieved understanding in relation to environment protection and rational management of natural resources, and minimal negative impact upon environment. Tomsk region and Integra will participate in implementation of highly effective and socially important regional programs and actions.
Local administration will help to create optimal conditions for attraction of investments that are needed to implement projects and programs of the company in the area of geologic investigation of subsurface zones, performance of works related to search and exploration of hydrocarbon resources.
Tomsk Region Administration also will help the company to obtain permission for subsurface exploitation for the purpose of geologic investigation and development of natural resources, getting documents for mountain and land allotment, and organization of works related to exploration and evaluation of fields in zones provided for geologic investigation under the acting laws.
I’m speaking about mutual interest not because it is obligatory part of the signed agreement. We took initiative to sign the agreement and the administration signed it. In the process of official ceremony we were happy to hear words of the Governor, Victor Cress, that our company was known and trusted in the region. We are one of three leading companies in the country. Integra offers wide range of oil services beginning from survey works and finishing with extraction of oil, it performs explorative and production drilling, current and capital repair of wells and manufactures drilling equipment and tools. Our employees are experienced in all main Russian and CIS countries of oil and gas regions, Middle East, Africa and South America. Integra clients include largest Russian and international oil and gas companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP, LUKoil, NovaTEK and many others.

 We have been working in Tomsk region for several years. We perform seismic survey works of oil and gas fields in the right bank of the Ob River. In 2010 our scope of works equals 550 million of rubles. Next year these figures will grow.

 Recently Integra established JV with WesternGeco (division of one of the world leaders in oil and gas service Schlumberger company". Note of FederalPress). What is it able bring to the Tomsk region?

Unique high technologies that are available to us and which are used in many regions of our country, present real opportunity to develop Tomsk region. The established JV (Integra - 75 %, WesternGeco - 25%) will allow to bring up to date the business of our geophysics companies and significantly extend their technological possibilities, get access to the modern software for data processing. We will be able to use vast resources provided by technical information. Our company inherited great experience of work in Russian conditions, competence of Russians geoscientists, their professional training, strong and old traditions. Now, all of these things will be extended with new possiblities, as our partner possesses vast resources, high industrial standards, well developed infrastructure embracing whole world, high industrial and management standards.

Surely, all of this will be implemented in Tomsk region".

"For some reasons, today subject of socially responsible business often falls to the wayside...

"I completely disagree that subject of socially responsible business takes a backseat. The issue is, what kinds of resources are available to particular corporation for development of the social component in its activity. I can mention tens of Russian companies that invest very large amount of money into cultural, sporting, social and other projects. We have our direction to go: this is work with promising youth and development of corporative sport. In Tomsk region we sponsor, for example, geologic academic competition for pupils, which will be held in Tomsk.  We provided machinery for the trade school that trains cross-country vehicle drivers in Kolpashevo city, Tomsk region.
When we speak about such important direction of our social policy, I mean, work with youth, promising personnel, higher schools, I would mention not only our relations with Tomsk Polytechnic University, but Tyumen, St. Petersburg and Moscow specialized education organizations. In some of our companies we run Young Professional program, as it helps creating good conditions for especially talented young employees and provide living conditions for them.

 “Corporative sport”, is a separate issue, as we pay much attention to it and consider this activity as powerful tool for development of corporative culture, uniting collectives, promoting healthy life style. Every Year we arrange Olympics of Integra, and many athletes of our company participate in it. In coming year we want to arrange fifth Olympics, jubilee Olympics. I invite you to attend final games, for you would see how serious we take sporting.

In the end I want to say that the goal of any business is to gain profit. At the same time, it is impossible to conduct business without harmonic and serious relations with state and community and people of the area where the business is developed. "Human factor" – is almost forgotten expression and it starts to make sense again. Today business has to take care of people, their health, environment and carry social responsibilities. We realize this matter and strive to reach it. In Kolpashevo city, Tomsk region, the majority of the population works in our company Integra-Geophysics. Both local administration and us understand our responsibility and do not shirk it upon each other, like in such system: "I did my work, the rest is not my care!"

This is what I call partnership harmony. I believe that interaction between Tomsk region administration and our company will bring fruit. We will try our best efforts to make it.