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December 03, 2010

Vladimir Emeshev: Integra for us means access to technologies and world developments


Integra Group signed agreement with Tomsk Region on partnership in economical and scientific area and all-round development of economic relations, relying first of all, upon State contracts for exploration works and development of perspective regions of the right bank of the Ob River. Scientists evaluate petroleum reserves in the area from 600 million to 1 billion tons and gas reserves – from 1 trillion to 6 trillion cubic meters. Tomsk Region in turn, is interested in large players in seismic survey and geologic survey market; it wants to get access to the world developments in the area of subsurface usage through Integra. Vladimir Emeshev, Vice-Governor of Tomsk Region in the area of subsurface usage and fuel-and-energy sector, told the Federal Press reporter about the company’s policy with regard to relationships between the authorities and big business, about aspects of work with Integra on the right bank project.

What does Integra bring to Tomsk Region?
It is not correct to say that Integra just is coming to the region. The company came three years ago when it acquired Tomsk Geophysical Trust in Kolpashevo city of Tomsk Region that was in very poor condition at that time: disintegrated structures and relations dominated, lack of orders, unemployed people. This was the reason why we took very positive attitude in negotiations with Integra: in 2008 we met President of the company, who described unique Integra’s opportunities. It was discovered that the company is involved not only in geologic survey business but also in seismic survey works and drilling works as well and manufacturing of equipment, it works in CIS countries and far abroad. We accepted proposed terms and conditions, and Integra has reregistered in Tomsk Region some assets that were bought earlier, such as Novosibirsk structures. Therefore, taxes remained to be paid by us, in our region, and not somewhere else, like in Tyumen region. Today Integra is the main tax payer in Kolpashevo city. This is important for municipal government, as its budget is not high and profitable.

Did the company restructure the assets that were acquired two years ago?

Integra made optimization of operation of acquired assets. The volume of orders of Kolpashevo Trust now is much less than in previous years due to significant fall. And huge asset complex – storages, access communications, and infrastructure – is not fully expendable today. Before that taxes were paid for all of this, but in 2010 the company performed optimization and part of asset complex is sold or tied up. And property tax went down accordingly. But this is business. We do not want to go bankrupt. Therefore, we realize that works here move in right direction for the company.

In optimization process Integra takes care of social sphere as well: salary in the trust runs in average for more than 20 thousand of rubles and some field workers earn more than 30 thousand of rubles. There are about 600 employees here, – a large structure indeed, and the company was able to save it. At the same time, the company works closely with Tomsk Polytechnic University: it trains future professionals. In social activities, Integra Company is actively involved in organization and carrying out of sporting competitions and it also supports accomplishment works in Tomsk.

Without Integra’s coming and support of Kolpashevo city in 2007, or if Integra would take away all assets to Tyumen, this would be a problem. Today all affairs work for us and we give proper respect to Integra’s management: they fulfill agreements that were achieved earlier and were included into the Agreement.

Does the company work mainly with State orders?

Integra works mainly with State order in Tomsk Region. We are speaking about seismic explorations in the right bank of the Ob River, which is considered as promising area in view of oil and gas reserves.  This year our scope of works equals 550 million of rubles. We plan to raise this figure by 23% in 2011.

Does the Agreement stipulate future perspective of the partnership?

The Agreement stipulates maintaining the same priorities and partnership principles that were discussed when Integra entered Tomsk region. Both parties carry out their obligations. On the one  hand, the company continues its work and does not take away its assets, and this is our primary  concern when we collaborate with large companies. In turn, Integra acquires some things, so-called “political umbrella”, which helps to trust in support of administration in issue of land take, water use and other things. According to the agreement, local administration will resolve such issues and it will work them out in compliance with the laws in its own competence.

The right bank project is the key one for Tomsk region. Does this mean that Integra can get long term state contract?

Considering development issues and new resource development, I would say, yes. The right bank project is accepted as perspective with promising future. Works here have been performing for more than 40 years, however, only small part of work was accomplished. In recent years we invested into this project more than 3 billion rubles. Considering size of the territory, this amount is not large. By this time we have drilled only three wells – East-1, East-3 and Yujno-Poyduginskaya well, and the last one started producing oil. Yujno-Poiduginskaya and East-5 wells will be drilled next. We speak about investments around 4 billion rubles, 2 billion will be spent for seismic survey works. After completion of these works we will discuss issues of discovering in the right bank territory, resource protection and its growth.

Integra means developments and technologies used all around the world. Does Tomsk region have access to them now?

It is important to me that data processing and interpretation of information received by the company would have maximum quality, as they are based upon developments of European, USA and Russian scientists. And naturally, we are speaking about timely completion of works, which are specified in contracts and cost of mentioned works.

Our relations with Integra are unique in the sense that we do not conclude agreements on annual basis with companies due to objective reasons: some suffer decline of works; often, vertically integrated structures do not need support in regions. Integra took initiative to sign the agreement and we always support those who want to work in full force in Tomsk region and always help them. We realize that this company specializes  not only in seismic survey field but also in geophysics development, drilling works using advanced equipment and manufacturing of equipment. Integra is able to extend scope of works in Tomsk region that it can perform, at any moment. A proper contract is just enough for this purpose.