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Integra brochure
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November 29, 2010

Integra Group and Tomsk region are counting on close partnership.

Siberia subsurface and Fuel-and-energy complex

 Tomsk region administration and oilfield services provider Integra signed partnership Agreement. Answering the question, why it was necessary to sign the agreement, if they already had good relationships, representatives of both parties answered: to avoid formalism in collaboration.
– Integra initiated the process of signing the agreement. It means that the company wants to work with us openly, honestly, not only chasing its own interest but working for the benefit of the region as well, — the Tomsk Region Governor, Victor Cress said. — More often it’s vice versa: in response to our requests the companies make it clear that they pay taxes and don’t have to give anything extra. In this particular case the partnership will be closer. In our turn, we also take responsibilities for co-operation in creating optimal conditions for attraction of investments.
At first look at the main points of the Agreement, it becomes clear that this document gets the participants in the mood for close and productive collaboration. According to the terms of the agreement, Tomsk region administration will provide optimal conditions for attraction of investments that are needed for realization of company’s projects and programs in the area of geological exploration of subsurface and performance of raw hydrocarbons prospect and exploration works. — On the one hand it’s a frame agreement. On the other hand, it calls both parties for progressive motion,” explains Dmitry SHULMAN, Integra Executive Vice President.
— “For us work on Tomsk region fields gives way to development of both region and the company. In my opinion, this situation is mutually profitable for Integra and Tomsk region. Such planned and purposeful collaboration will bring very positive results.

Integra Group appeared in the oilfield services market in 2004. Though its representatives, referring to the date of foundation of the old Tomsk company which later became a company’s ‘daughter’ say that they “had settled there long time ago”. Tomsk geophysical Trust (Kolpashevsky region), a branch of OJSC Integra-Geophysics, was founded more than 50 years ago. The Group is also represented in Tomsk by Geoprime Company with its subsidiary – Tomsk Geophysical Company (TGK).
In Kolpashevsky region OJSC Integra-Geophysics participates in survey project of the right bank of the Ob River. Also the company participates in the tender on seismic survey work in Northern-Pudinsky field.
What’s the value of Integra’s appearance for our subsurface users? This service company follows the history of this field during the whole exploitation period. At first the experts evaluate the land from a geologic perspective. Next stage is the seismic investigations and geophysical data gathering. Then comes the time for interpretation of geophysical data and getting more detailed information about the field, and after this the exploration wells are being installed and the drilling process starts. Further work of the company is to create an optimal model of the field development. Still, it’s not the end. In the process of industrial exploitation experts help   subsurface users to use the field more rationally.
– Integra’s Executive Vice-President for Geophysics, Georgy Volkov says: “Integra-Geophysics consists of six branches in total, and one of the best branches works in Tomsk”. “It carries out around 15% of overall production of the company.”
“The scopes which we exploit in Tomsk region are constantly growing,” Georgy Volkov continues. “In 2010 our scope of works was equal to 550 million of rubles and we plan to raise this sum by approximately 23%. We move field camps over here, technological and geophysical equipment from other branches and hire more employees. Now, three field units work over here and we intend to start two more. In addition, the field unit, located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, is controlled from Kolpashevo.
“The money used by the company on the right bank project is the investments for the region development,” Vladimir Emeshev, Tomsk Region Vice Governor on Subsurface usage said, — “Every year the company invests hundreds of millions of rubles for development of new fields in our region. OJSC Integra-Geophysics branch in Kolpashevo is the largest tax payer in this region. In addition, Integra also offers one-time help, financing some important events for geological prospecting sector. For example, 5.5 million rubles were invested in the construction of memorial alley in front of Tomsk Polytechnic University and holding an academic competition for young geologists.
Definitely, one of the most important investments in the region is a training of qualified personnel. Company’s policy is to use maximum of local resources when working in local areas. When we established a new branch, Tomsk experts came to work here in the first place.
“We think it is necessary to establish local intellectual centers in the regions. We have several interpretation and processing centers, which are evenly spread in Moscow, Tyumen, Tomsk and Almaty,” Dmitry Shulman emphasized.
Today, the company also makes efforts to implement training programs for young professionals, right from studying in university. Just like it was in Soviet times: practical experience in the factory with following employment. Moreover, management is seriously concerned with the problem of lack of work specialties. In order to solve this problem they forge relationship and provide sponsorship for local technical colleges. “We are ready to work with various, higher education institutions, technical colleges and we are looking forward to see the same response from educational institutions,” Georgy Volkov emphasized.