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November 29, 2010

Integra signed partnership agreement with Tomsk region

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November 29, 2010
Integra Group signed the agreement with Tomsk region on partnership in the area of subsurface resources. Dmitry Shulman, Integra Executive Vice President announced in the process of signing that this agreement will help to strengthen the company’s position in the region.

In the process of signing Victor Cress, Tomsk Region Governor, emphasized that “The relations between the Region and Integra Company have been formally established in accordance with the Federal Law“. “We agreed to conclude the Agreement with Integra, because this company won strong market position, its work is straight, clear and transparent. It means that the company will make a contribution to the development of Tomsk region”.

“The Agreement calls for progressive motion,” as Dmitry Shulman mentioned to Federal Press. “We have been working in Tomsk region for the last two years. Three of the field crews work here today, two of them work on the right bank of Ob River”.

According to the terms of Agreement, Tomsk region administration will provide optimal conditions for attraction of investments, required for implementation of company’s projects and programs in the area of geological exploration of subsurface and performance of raw hydrocarbons prospect and exploration works. The company, in its turn, will provide preparation and implementation of geologic survey of the subsurface according to the terms of Agreement.

“We will carry out projects and programs of advanced methods and geologic survey technologies implementation, new hi-tech projection methods and complex usage of geological survey methods,” Dmitry Shulman said.

According to Governor Associate on Subsurface resource and Fuel-and-energy sector, Vladimir Emeshev, Integra plans to invest about 550 million rubles in Tomsk region in 2010. In 2011 this sum will grow approximately by 23 % and most of all it is going to be a State contract in terms of the right bank of the Ob River development