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August 27, 2009

Integra to capitalize on Schlumberger expertise

RBC Daily newspaper
Sergei Ispolatov

Having stayed with Schlumberger oilfield services provider for almost 30 years, Antonio Campo will join Integra Group as its Chief Executive Officer. Felix Lubashevsky, the founder of Integra, will retain the position of company President. In experts’ opinion, Antonio Campo will bring in experience allowing Integra to attract Western technologies and partners for introducing advanced methods of oil recovery improvement and offshore fields exploitation.

Integra oilfield service provider announced appointment of Antonio Campo as its CEO effective September 1, 2009. Felix Lubashevsky, Integra’s President and CEO since 2005, will continue as President of Integra Group focusing on strategic business development and a number of long-term projects.

Antonio Campo, 51, in 1980 graduated from a University in Bogota, Colombia, with a BSc degree (honors) in Electronic Engineering. He then spent many years at Schlumberger in a multitude of positions. From 2003 to 2006, Mr Campo was the President for Europe, Africa and CIS Oilfield Services and since 2006, the President for Latin America Oilfield Services.
Commenting on the appointment, Felix Lubashevsky noted: “Antonio Campo will bring to our organisation the invaluable expertise of running a diversified oilfield services business in multiple emerging markets.”

Integra press service quoted Antonio Campo as saying that “Operating in one of the most attractive global markets for oilfield services, Integra has a solid asset base while the current market situation offers a unique opportunity to create value for our shareholders and new possibilities for our customers, partners and employees.”
“A Schlumberger senior executive coming to work for a major Russian oilfield services provider manifests the policy of applying Western experience in Integra,” Konstantin Simonov, Director General of National Energy Security Fund, commented.

In view of Dmitry Abzalov, senior expert at the Centre for Contemporary Politics, Antonio Campo will facilitate access to foreign partners and technologies. He believes that Integra improves its management in anticipation of launching in Russia new projects for which domestic technologies are not yet fully mastered. That includes natural gas liquefaction projects and improving oil recovery in a situation of a declining oil production. Integra is also expecting to be supported by its foreign partners when launching offshore projects in Russia as national companies lack the required experience.