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October 16, 2007

It is as good as any other facility worldwide

By Sergei Abakshin

Last Thursday, a significant and symbolic event took place at Open Joint Stock Company STROMNEFTEMASH Concern, the oldest production facility in Kostroma, when  the presentation of UNBS2-600x70, a brand new mobile pumping unit, was held. The pump is designated for cement injection into oil and gas wells in the course of their assimilation and workover.  Leaders of the Russian oil and gas sector employed with major corporations, including Burgaz, Rosneft, Sibneftemash, Neftemash-Delta, and Uralmash-Vniibt, a member of Untegra Group of companies, as well as STROMNEFTEMASH, arrived in Kostroma to test the new wonder machine.  No similar facility is manufactured anywhere else in Russia.

Having greeted his guests in the hall of the administration building, Stepan Yuskevich, managing director, spoke about the state of affairs and the short term objectives of STROMNEFTEMASH.  Alexei Sobolev, chief designer, spoke about the whole “family” of machines manufactured, and made a detailed presentation of the new pump.  His speech was accompanied by a plasma panel slide show.

The pump was started in the test area, where guests arrived after a tour of the workshops.  A bottle of champagne was smashed against the pump wheel.  After that its engines would be started, and a couple of minutes later, liquid cement would gush out of the pipe.  Even unexpected snowfall could not overshadow the moment of joy.  “Good luck”, said one guest.  And the new machines will need it.  Soon they will be shipped to oil and gas fields in the far north and Siberia.


Stepan Yuskevich, managing director, said: “We initiated this project because we wanted to cut down the amount of effort, cash and the number of people involved in well strengthening.  Our engineers led by Alexei Sobolev, chief designer, and Yevgeny Degtyarenko, director, Department of New Developments, issued the technical documentation.

Their ideas and designs were brought to life by the production team led by Vyacheslav Stepanov, Director of Production.  They had to work long hours.  And the tests confirmed compliance with the requested characteristics.  This compliance was demonstrated at the presentation.

- Stepan Andreyevitch, the factory has boosted its production in the last 18 months, and we have written a lot about it.  Does the factory maintain any links with the town where it is located?

- Yes, it does.  This link is strong enough, and we make sure it is in place.  Irina Pereverzeva visited us on Machine Builder’s Day.  We helped to organize the anniversary celebrations in our town.  We are involved in each social program and sports event.  Our factory is a meticulous taxpayer.  We continuously generate new jobs.  Presently, 1,250 employees work for our factory.  In the next six months, we are planning to hire 500 more factory and office workers.

The factory gives a prompt response to market needs

Andrei Budko, first deputy general director in charge of production, Burgaz Open Joint Stock Company (Gazprom subsidiary): “We have worked with the Kostoma factory for a number of years.  The factory is unique because it is responsive to the production sector, and listens carefully to criticism.  The new pump is the proof.  No other production facility in Russia is capable of manufacturing this set of equipment for drilling rigs.  Moreover, the major portion of component parts is produced by the factory itself.  The new pump can compete with the machinery produced by reputable foreign companies.  This factory is flexible, it is responsive to the challenges of the market and its customers.  Both Kostoma and the whole Russia should be proud of this factory.”

Vladimir Lazarev, deputy director, Well Cementing Center, New Urengoi: “Release of this new cement injection facility, as well as its testing has proven that Russian companies are capable of implementing advanced technologies.  The arrival of the new pump to Russian oil fields will make us equal competitors of foreign producers in terms of performance, quality and technologies.”

Yuri Karpov, first vice president, Uralmash-VNIIBT, member of Integra Group, said the following about the new pump: “KTsS-40, the pump that has been produced by the factory until now, is outdated.  The customer’s demands are growing.  Therefore, we decided to go further and make a new pump.  Its functions are the same as those of the earlier model.  However, the outdated model was mounted on five underframes, whereas the new one is mounted on one motor vehicle.  It has the most advanced sensors and fittings,  and a cement truck is now part of the set.”

- What impact has this event had on your company?

- We always welcome releases of new and long-awaited products.  And it is good to learn that they are made by a single production facility, a member of our group of companies.  We were also pleased to learn that the new pump is as good as any other foreign-made units. It is hard to overestimate the significance of this fact.
- Are you sure that the new pump will be popular in the oil and gas sector?

- It will be used both by companies engaged in oil and gas recovery, and by enterprises that perform well drilling and workover.  As the Russian economy grows, demand for STROMHEFTEMASH products will also go up.  As for the new pump, we have already obtained an order from one of our major customers: it is an order for nine machines, which will be shipped to Yamal peninsula.

- Having joined Integra Group, the Kostroma factory has returned to life and got its second wind.  Do you have plans to develop it further?

- STROMNEFTEMASH Concern has a good management team as well as a strong technological potential.  It employs talented designers, production engineers, and workers.  The factory’s Workshop 3, whose area is about 40 hectares, is going to be restored to set up production of drilling machinery in cooperation with Uralmash-VNIIBT. I believe that our plans will turn into reality in the next two years.