Technology Services

Company Type of activity City
Business Unit «Equipment manufacturing Service»
LLC «Orenburgtechservis», Buzuluk
  • Repair and diagnostic services for drilling equipment
Russia, Orenburg Region, Buzuluk
Business Unit «Integra-Services»
LLC «Integra-Services», Moscow
  • Cementing, damage and insulation operations
  • Selection of API standard receipts in labs and cement mix preparation
  • Well completion and workover
Russia, Moscow Region, Moscow
Business Unit «Smith Siberian Services»
LLC «Smith Siberian Services», Moscow Russia, Moscow Region, Moscow
Business Unit «VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument»
LLC «VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument», Kotovo
  • Drilling equipment manufacturing
Russia, Volgograd Region, Kotovo
OJSC «NPO «Burovaya Technika», Moscow
  • R&D
Russia, Moscow Region, Moscow
LLC «VNIIBT–Burovoy Instrument», Perm Russia, Perm Region, Perm
LLC «VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument» Pavlovsky
  • Drilling equipment manufacturing
Russia, Perm Region, Pavlovsky
Business Unit «Integra Well-survey»
SIAM Company, Tomsk
  • Production of equipment for well testing (SIAM Tools)
  • Well test services (SIAM Services)
  • Data interpretation, engineering service in analysis, optimization and field development planning (SIAM Engineering)
Russia, Tomsk Region, Tomsk
LLC «Geophyzservis», Nyagan
  • Well survey
Russia, Tyumen Region, Nyagan